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P&D Leagues 2022 - Division 2

As agreed at the P&D 2022 AGM, League Divisions 2 & 3 fixtures have been redrawn so that teams now only play each other 3 times rather than the 4 times previously annotated in the draft proposals.   Our website has been updated to show these changes.

Club Matters
The green will open on Sunday 10th April.
A pre-season friendly has been arranged against a Waverley select team for Wednesday 20th April.  Also, there is a possibility to provide rinks with Waverley to play Gosport (home).  Date to be decided.
Posted Sunday 10 /01/22
P&D Leagues 2022
The draft League & Combination fixtures for season 2022 have been issued.  A major surprise is that in Division 2 all the teams will be playing each other 4 times rather than 3 meaning there will be 20-games for each team in this division.  This could be a real struggle with our limited resources to field a full team each week throughout the season. 
As it stands, the "A" team will start off the season on Friday 29th April with an away match at Portsmouth Water.  The team's first home match will be against Naismith on 6th May.
The combination side will play 14 matches starting with home matches on 27th April & 4th May against Milton Park B and Cosham Park respectively before their first away match at Lee-on-the-Solent C.
The draft league fixtures for next season are shown on the relevant pages on this website
Bowls Hampshire Competitions
This is your last chance to enter the 2022 County competitions as I will be submitting them at the weekend to Bowls Hampshire.  If you decide you want to enter any of the competitions please let me know ASAP.
Posted Thursday 6/1/22
P&D Leagues

Rebalancing League Divisions for the 2023 Season  

After the decision at the SGM to run 2022 with divisions of 9, 6 & 6, the P&D Competition Committee met afterwards and agreed to rebalance to 3 Divisions of 7 teams for the 2023 Season.
This will be achieved as follows at the end of the 2022 Season:
Promotion: Only winners of divisions 2 & 3 will be promoted.
ii).     Relegation: Bottom 3 from division 1 & bottom 2 from division 2.

Rebalancing League Divisions if Less than 21 Sides are Entered

The SGM voted that if we get to the position of having less than 21 sides, then the league was to be run with 2 divisions. In order to achieve this, the Competition Committee further decided the following:


Post 2023 Season
i).      The side who finishes bottom of division 1 in the season just ended will be relegated to division 2.
ii).     The top 4 sides from division 2 will be promoted to the new division 1.
iii).    Division 2 will then consist of: the relegated division 1 side, the remaining division 2 sides & all division 3 sides.


Post 2022 Season
i).      The side who finishes bottom of division 1 will be relegated to division 2
ii).     Only the top 2 sides from division 2 will be promoted to the new division 1.


2022 Combination League Divisions

As only 32 sides have been entered by the Clubs for 2022, then the Competition Committee also agreed that the combination league would consist of 4 divisions of 8 Sides. This has been achieved as follows:
Only the 2019 divisional winners have been promoted (shown in upper case below)
  Further sides have been relegated (shown in italics below), based on the final 2019 tables, as follows:
i).      Division 1 - bottom 3
ii).     Division 2 - bottom 4  
iii).    Division 3 - bottom 4


All of which means that the sides in the 2022 divisions are as follows:


Combination 1

Combination 2

Combination 3

Combination 4

Priory Black

Waterlooville Green

Milton Park B

Pembroke Gdns B

Fareham C


Waverley Red

Milton Park C

Cowplain Red

Priory Silver


Gas Social

Alexandra Blue

Hayling Island

Lee on Solent C


Waverley Blue

Waterlooville Brown

Cosham Park

Portsmouth Water

Lee on Solent B

Purbrook Maroon

Gosport B


Waterlooville Gold

Alexandra Red

Star & Crescent B

Fareham B





Posted Tuesday 4/1/22
Committee 2021/22
Consequent of Geoff Dyer standing down as "A" Team Captain, Alan New was elected at the AGM to undertake this role for 2021/22. 
Confirmation of the full committee is thus:
President: Alan New,
Immediate Past President: Stephen Greenwood
Hon Secretary: Robbie Dennison
Hon Treasurer: Derek Boulter
"A" Team Captain: Alan New
"B" Team Captain:   Peter Willis
Selection Committee 3rd Member: Robbie Dennison
Club Competition Secretary: Simon Filippi
Bowls Hampshire / P&D Rep: Simon Filippi 
Waverley Fees 2022
With regard to the fees due for next season, the Southsea Waverley Bowling Club committee have unfortunately decided  that they are unable to fulfill the promise they made in 2020 and have withdrawn the offer of half price season tickets for 2022.  The fees will be the same as for pre-Covid times ie 90.00 for under 65s & 80.00 for the older brigade of over 65.  I know this will invoke anger & disappointment with you, and I share your sentiments, but unfortunately we are in no position but to accept Waverley's decision.
P&D Leagues 2022

Only 21 clubs have indicated they would be running a league side for the 2022 season after Crofton, Hayling Island & Emsworth dropped theirs. This means that, based on the promotion & relegation after the completion of the 2019 season, the clubs that make up each division are, currently, as follows: Division 1 - 9 sides, Division 2 - 6 sides & Division 3 -6 sides. This imbalance of numbers was addressed at a SGM on 9 December so that each Division has the same number of sides (7).


Three options were proposed:

1). Rebalance immediately so that the 2022 League would consist of 3 Divisions of 7 sides.

2). Run 2022 with Div. 1 having 8 Sides; Div. 2 with 7 Sides; Div. 3 with 6 sides

3). Run 2022 with the Divisions made up of 9, 6 & 6 sides, rebalancing would take place over three years.

Option 3 was overwhelming voted for.

This means that Star & Crescent will be in Division 2 next season with the following teams: Vospers, Portsmouth Water, Gosport, Milton Park  & Naismith with each team playing each other 3 times.
Running the League with less than 21 sides was also discussed & voted on. It was decided that should this happened, the league would run with 2 divisions.
Bowls Hampshire Competitions.
The entrance fees for competition will remain unchanged as for 2021 ie 4.00 per player per competition.
Posted Saturday 18/12/21
Annual General Meeting
The club's Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday 25th November at the Waverley BC starting at 7.00 pm. It is hoped to see as many members there as possible.  I will be e-mailing the relevant paperwork for the AGM to you all a bit nearer to the date.
Election of Officers
Disappointingly that  once again there are no nominees for any posts declared.  The good news however, is that your present committee are willing to stand again in their current post (if selected) but the bad news is that Geoff Dyer is standing down as "A" Team captain after a 3-year tour of duty.
P&D Leagues 2022 Survey Results
I received 13 replies to my questionnaire re P&D Bowls leagues format for the forthcoming season. The replies have been collated and were consequently discussed at our latest committee meeting with the following conclusions:

Question 1: Whilst most members would prefer to play 4-rinks, it is thought that as a small club with a small membership it could cause problems with team selection throughout the season.  Therefore the consensus of opinion to question 1 is that S&C would say NO to playing 4-rink matches.

Question 2: Playing 3-rinks is the preferred choice of the membership because it would be more manageable  with less problems on team selection and also that we could put out stronger teams (on paper). So, the results to question 2 is YES the club would prefer to play 3-rink league matches

Question 3: The replies for this question was 7-6 in favour of 21 ends to be played.  Some members pointed out that 21-end matches played on artificial surfaces take much longer and sometimes it is difficult to complete these games in good light. The answer to question 3 is that the club does  not mind playing 18 or 21 ends.

These views have been passed onto the P&D committee for their deliberation in assessing the league format for the 2022 season.
Posted Saturday 17/10/21
Bowls England National Championship Formats 2022
Following an analysis of the survey results and feedback from counties, Bowls England will be running all the National Championships using the following format
  • Singles (including Junior Singles) 21 up
  • Pairs (including Junior Pairs) Four bowls 18 ends
  • Triples Three bowls 18 ends
  • Fours (including Senior Fours) Two bowls 18 ends
  • Two-bowl singles Two bowls 21 ends
Bowls Hampshire County Competitions 2022

As the 2021 season closes the build-up to 2022 season has started and as such the County competition entry forms are now available. The closing date for entries is 31st January 2022. Unfortunately, Bowls England (BE) haven't been forthcoming on if they are changing entry fees for 2022, so at the moment the entry fee has been set as last year i.e.4.00 per person per entry. When BE get round to making their minds up then Bowls Hampshire will let us know. Also, be aware that the playing formats for 2022 are in line with the above BE formats

P&D Leagues - 2022
It has been a disappointing response from our members regarding the questionnaire  in my email dated 10th September with only less than half of the members bothering to reply and relay their thoughts regarding the 2022 P&D leagues. Thank you to those who have replied and for those that haven't there is still time to let me know your views.
Posted Wednesday 22/09/21
P&D Leagues - 2022
The P&D League Secretaries have forwarded their plans for the 2022 Season which basically is to return to the way the League, Combination and Midweek Divisions were run in 2019, i.e.: League - 4 rinks of 4 bowlers playing over 21 ends, Combination - 3 rinks of 4 bowlers playing over 21 ends & Mid-Week Triples - 3 rinks of 3 bowlers playing over 18 ends The League & Combination Divisions will NOT be regionalised (i.e., teams will be travelling to clubs in Portsmouth, Havant & Waterlooville and Gosport & Fareham). The teams in each division will be the same as those sent out in 2020 before bowls was cancelled due to the pandemic.

However, the P&D are aware that after the last two years, clubs may have problems in meeting these formats. Consequently, they need input from each club on their thoughts. So the questions that I'm asking you, the members, are : 1) Do you think that the club will be able to run a League team of 4 Rinks of 4 Bowlers?, 2) Do you think that the club will be able to run a League team of 3 Rinks of 4 Bowlers? and 3) In League & Combination games would you prefer playing 18 or 21 Ends? I would be very grateful if you can reply to those questions ASAP.

To be able to plan for 2022 the P&D require replies from each club by the end of October 2021, so that the responses can be put before the clubs when the next P&D Executive Meeting is held.

Closing of the Green
The green will be closing on Sunday 26th September.
Election of Officers for 2021/22
For what's it worth, I have posted on the board in the clubhouse a notice for the election of officers for 2021/22  If you wish to sit on the committee for that period please add your name to the list or am I wasting my time (again) with no takers.
Posted Saturday 11/09/21




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