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Division 2 Result
Naismith 60 1/4 (2) Star & Crescent 76 (14)  Star achieved their belated first away league victory of the season at Swordsands albeit against a depleted Naismith team who played with 3 men short. Although (on paper) that means the task of winning should be simpler this was not the case as on net scores we would have won the match by just 76-75. When the dust had settled and with the mandatory 25% of the score deleted from those reduced rinks there were wins for the rinks of Robbie Dennison (23-11 1/4) & Simon Filippi (22-12) whilst Geoff Dyer's four went down by 10-21.  In only the "legit" encounter of the evening, Steve Sprake's foursome had a well earned win in a close fought contest 21-16.
Team Selection
Combination Division 3 match on Wednesday 29th June v Cosham Park (away) starting at 6.00pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Reserves
T Portch D Boulter R Wallbridge  
T Nutland M Ward P Wright S Greenwood
R Dennison P Willis J Bell  
B Weaver P Whiffin A New  
Division 2 match on Friday 1st July v Milton Park (home) starting at 6.00 pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
T Portch D Boulter S Greenwood  P Willoughby  
C Lihou B Weaver J Bell T Nutland R Wallbridge
P Whiffin R Durham A New P Willis M Ward
R Dennison S Filippi S Sprake G Dyer  
Club Championship Singles Results
The preliminary round of the competition is now complete: Peter Willis beat Derek Greeman 23-8, Robbie Dennison defeated Alan New 21-12 and Paul Huntley beat Paul Willoughby 21-10. Geoff Dyer, Martin Ward & Bob Weaver were given walkovers when their opponents were scratched.
In the second round John Bell proceeded into the quarter finals after beating Richie Farman 21-10.  Also through is Colin Lihou who defeated Paul Wright 21-10 and Steve Sprake who was given a walkover.
P&D Competition Results
Results in the P&D singles haven't been too kind for Simon Filippi this season. As the reigning champion it was disappointing for Simon to relinquish his title in the first round after he lost at Forton to Neil Bunter 15-21.  There was further frustration for Simon when losing on the "immaculate" Gosport green to Simon Batchelor in the over 60's singles. To complete the bad results Stephen Greenwood also lost in the singles 16-21 to Dave Ellis of Waverley.
Posted Saturday 25/6/22
Division 2 League Select
This week it's a welcome back for Russell Durham, Steve Sprake & Gareth Davies for the Division 2 match on Friday 24th June against Naismith (away).  The team is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
D Boulter T Portch G Davies S Greenwood  
B Weaver C Lihou  P Willoughby J Bell D Greeman
R Durham P Whiffin P Willis A New M Ward
S Filippi R Dennison G Dyer S Sprake  
Combination Team Changes
It has been necessary to make some team changes for the combination match on Wednesday against Gosport.  These changes are highlighted in red in the previous team selection published below.
Posted Sunday 19/6/22
Division 2 Result

Star & Crescent 87 (12)  Portsmouth Water 71 (4) In a much needed win, Star overcame their depleted opponents and shared the rink points. Alan New's rink was a tad unlucky after a spirited fight back from a losing position to be pipped on the final end 17-18. After a shaky start Geoff Dyer's men took control of the match against the 3-man rink of the Watermen and racked up a huge 30-9 victory.  Robbie Dennison's four somehow found themselves 18-1 up at the halfway stage and then reality set in; their lead was dramatically reduced to 26-17 at the final.  Simon Filippi's rink was all square on the 11th end but finished badly winning just one of the remaining ends to finish 14-27 adrift.

Team Selection
Wednesday 22nd June v Gosport (home) in Combination Division 3 starting at 6.00pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Reserves
R Wallbridge P Wright T Portch D Boulter
M Ward R Farman D Greeman S Greenwood
C Lihou J Bell R Durham R Dennison
P Whiffin A New B Weaver  
Posted Saturday 18/6/22
Friday 17th June v Portsmouth Water (home) in Division 2 starting at 6.00 pm
Star & Crescent 53 Fareham 100  Our interest in the competition ended when we were outplayed by our 1st division opponents. Disappointingly, the team conceded a century of shots for a second consecutive match. There were big losses for the rinks of Alan New (9-31) & Robbie Dennison (6-28) whilst Simon Filippi's four were defeated by a much lesser margin of 15-22. However, there was a positive for Star when Geoff Dyer's foursome had a credible 23-19 win against their adversaries.
Combination Division 3 Result
Waverley Red 70 Star & Crescent 46 In the game last evening against our “landlords” Star were very slow out of the blocks again and after only 5 ends were 23 shots adrift. Once Alan New and his crew got on the scoreboard, they more than matched their opponents for the remainder of the game to lose by 10 shots to 22. Paul Whiffin’s rink were always struggling against a very good foursome whose Skip produced a range of saving shots when Star were looking to put scores on the board. They finally lost by 12 shots to 27. Saving the best for last, the Bob Weaver combo were the only winners on the night when they recovered from the depths of 13-1 down to achieve a notable 24-21 victory. They even survived dropping 5 shots on the penultimate end to make the finish more exciting!!
As a brief afterthought on our recent performances, it is essential that concentration is maintained throughout the game. Watch all the bowls delivered, see the lines taken, compose yourself when you are on the mat, and then bowl the perfect wood! What could be simpler?
Rowland Cup
As previously mentioned, both Waverley & Star have been drawn at home in the next round of the Rowland Cup. Should Waverley have their expected win in their rearranged match against Alexandra Blue on 30th June then our game against Waterlooville  Green which was scheduled for Monday 4th July will then be played on Monday 18th July.
Brian Banfield
The funeral of Brian will take place on Friday 24th June at Portchester Crematorium at 10.00.
Posted Friday 17/6/22
Division 2 Result
Gosport 125 (16) Star & Crescent 36 (0) There's no point in soft soaping around the result of this fixture, it was a totally unexpected and very embarrassing annihilation which must go down as one of the worst defeats in Star's history, if not the worst.  No rink can come away with any positives - it was that bad. Granted Gosport were the better team on the night but should there be an 89 shot difference between the two sides; I don't think so we're better than that. The fact is that between all 4 rinks we only managed to win 24 of the 84 ends of the match. YES we had an understrength team with some of the better players missing but it was virtually the same team that beat Milton Park earlier in the week. YES the green was heavy & long with difficult hands to play but we need to adjust to these greens when playing away, we know what's coming.  It is noticeable that we've lost every one of our away matches this season without a sniff of victory yet we've won all our home matches so far.  That tells a story, we've got so used to our small & fast green that we've been spoilt. We need to change our mindset when playing away or else we'll find ourselves languishing at the foot of the table. To cap it all there was none of Gosport hospitality of previous years with no light refreshment provided after the match. Definitely a night to forget.
Team Selection
Next week there are 3 matches again, beside the league & combination matches the club is also engaged in the County Club competition on Thursday. These are the teams selected:
Wednesday 15th June v Waverley Red (away) in Combination Division 3 starting at 6.00pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Reserves
S Greenwood R Farman T Portch
A Lord T Nutland D Greeman D Boulter
C Lihou J Bell R Philbrick P Wright
P Whiffin A New B Weaver  
Thursday 16th June v Fareham (home) in the County Club starting at 6.00 pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
D Boulter R Philbrick P Huntley S Greenwood  
A Lord R Wallbridge  P Willoughby J Bell R Farman
R Durham P Whiffin P Willis B Weaver  
S Filippi R Dennison G Dyer A New  
Friday 17th June v Portsmouth Water (home) in Division 2 starting at 6.00 pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
D Boulter R Wallbridge P Huntley S Greenwood  
D Greeman C Lihou  P Willoughby J Bell A Lord
R Durham P Whiffin P Willis B Weaver  
S Filippi R Dennison G Dyer A New  
PLEASE NOTE: Because there is an element of doubt of availability of some players chosen for these matches, the teams selected are provisional and could be subject to change.
P&D Website

Late Tuesday Afternoon, the P&D web manager - Albie Somerset - suffered a major heart attack. Thankfully, he has survived but is still in intensive care. As such the P&D website will not be updated for a while. As an interim measure, the league secretary will be sending the league table PDF's (ie league, combination & midweek triples) to the affected clubs. The P&D are also looking at how they can get updates out for P&D competitions and will let us all know at a later date.

Competition Results
P&D 4-Wood Singles: Tony Portch lost to Ron Jacobs (Cosham Park) 8-21
Club Championship Singles: Simon Filippi beat Andy Lord 21-12 & Stephen Greenwood defeated Tony Portch 21-8
Posted Saturday 11/6/22
Combination Division 3 Result
Star & Crescent 68 (12) Bedhampton 47 (0) Star resumed their combination league duties after several weeks’ inactivity with a reasonably comfortable victory over a resolute Bedhampton side. To say that Star started slowly would be something of an understatement. After 4 ends the home team were 16 shots adrift. However, from that point things improved dramatically. Bob Weaver’s rink powered away by winning 13 of the remaining ends to triumph by 30 shots to 18. Alan New and his quartet similarly began rather sluggishly by declining to trouble the scorers until the 6th end. From that point they steadily accumulated shots to finish the game 21-14 victors. Paul Whiffin and his men had a much more even game with the lead changing hands several times during the evening. However, I must put on record the two magnificent bowls sent down by the Skip which were not only “touchers” but ensured that the rink won by the narrow margin of 17 shots to 15. Considering that several regular members were absent for a number of reasons it was an efficient victory over the league leaders and a welcome opportunity to include some of our most recent recruits who I trust both enjoyed and learned from the experience.
Posted Thursday 9/6/22
Rowland Cup Result
Star & Crescent 88 Milton Park 72 Star completed a hat-trick of wins against Milton Park last night, this time in the Rowland Cup.  The away side were favourites to win at the 18th end when leading but a tremendous run in by Star who scored an unlikely 23 shots to 4 over the final ends secured the (unexpected) victory with Star winning on 2-rinks & drawing on the other 2.  Robbie Dennison's rink won 21-17 when the jack was moved in their favour with the last wood of the game.  Geoff Dyer's four recovered from a bad patch losing 9 consecutive ends to rally around & turn a losing match into a draw by scoring 11-shots on the last 3-ends to finish 24 apiece. Simon Filippi's foursome stumbled over the last few ends after leading but hung on to secure a draw 18-18. Alan New's much changed rink also had a great finish to their game and scored a dozen shots without reply in the closing stages to win by 25-13.
In the next round our opponents will be Waterlooville, thankfully at home again. As with the previous round if Waverley win their re-arranged Rowland Cup match against Alexandra they will also be at home in the next round. Although scheduled for Monday 4th July there would be a change of date depending who was first out of the hat: methinks it was Waverley meaning a re-scheduled cup date for Star. We'll cross that bridge when the situation is clarified.
Friday's Team Selection
The team selected for the Division 2 match against Gosport (away) this Friday 10th June is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
D Boulter P Huntley S Greenwood A Lord T Nutland
D Greeman P Willoughby  R Wallbridge J Bell T Portch
R Durham P Willis B Weaver P Whiffin  
S Filippi G Dyer A New R Dennison  
This team may have to change depending if Russell Durham fails a fitness test and is unavailable.
Club Competitions
The draw for the club champion & handicap singles have been made and are shown on the relevant page of this website
Posted Tuesday 7/6/22
County Club Result
Star & Crescent 99 Milton Park 48.  Round 2 against Milton Park ended in perhaps a surprisingly huge win for the home team with all rinks successful. There were large wins for the rinks led by Robbie Dennison (31-7) & Simon Filippi (30-10) whilst Steve Sprake's four won 20-16 & Geoff Dyer's rink won 18-15. If only it was a league match!
In the next round of the competition, which happens to be the area semi-final, we are once again drawn at home this time to Fareham. The tie to be played on Thursday 16th June.
Team Selection
Next week we have 3 matches scheduled and it's a welcome return to league bowls for the combination team when they entertain Bedampton at home on Wednesday. We start the week off on Monday with the third match against Milton Park in the Rowland Cup.  The teams selected are:
Monday 6th June v Milton Park in the Rowland Cup at home starting at 6.00pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
D Boulter R Philbrick P Huntley S Greenwood T Nutland
D Greeman A Lord  P Willoughby R Wallbridge T Portch
R Durham P Whiffin P Willis B Weaver  
S Filippi R Dennison G Dyer A New  
Wednesday 8th June v Bedhampton in Combination Division 3 at home starting at 6.00pm

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Reserves
R Farman T Portch S Greenwood A Lord
T Nutland D Greeman P Wright D Boulter
J Bell R Philbrick P Willis
A New B Weaver P Whiffin  
Posted Friday 3/6/22
Division 2 Result
Star & Crescent 97 (12) Milton Park 72 (4) It was a welcome league victory for Star last night  in the first match of the trilogy of games against Milton Park. Unmistakably, the architect for this win has to be credited to the rink of Steve Greenwood, Derek Greeman, Alan New & skip Steve Sprake who had a superb result in winning 33-11. Our other rink points was accumulated by Geoff Dyer's foursome who had a fine 23-17. In a tight match they took control of the match from the 16th end to run out worthy winners. The other 2-rinks were narrowly defeated; Robbie Dennison's four was just pipped on the post & lost by the narrowest margin of 18-19 whilst Simon Filippi's four, with Richie Farman making his debut for the club, lost 23-25 in a high scoring match .
Rowland Cup
The match against Milton Park will now take place at home on the original date of Monday 6th June starting at 6.00 pm.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Brian Banfield passed away suddenly at the weekend
. Brian joined the club in 2010 and was a regular in the league side until ill health forced him to give up bowls this season.
I will pass on details for the funeral when known.
RIP Brian
Posted Tuesday 31/5/22
County Club Team Selection
The team selected to play Milton Park at home in the County Club on Thursday 2nd June is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
P Huntley D Boulter S Greenwood R Philbrick
 P Willoughby B Weaver R Farman A Lord R Wallbridge
P Willis R Durham A New P Whiffin D Greeman
G Dyer S Filippi S Sprake R Dennison  
Posted Sunday 29/5/22
Division 2 Result
Vospers 80 Star & Crescent 65 Things looked good for Star up to the 15th end with only 1-shot between the two teams but they they lost ground over the final ends and suffered another away day defeat at the hands of the division's leaders.   Robbie Dennison's rink suffered a dose of travel sickness which could only explain their disappointing performance when losing 13-27. Simon Filippi's four took control of their game at the mid-way stage and maintained it to the end to win 20-16.  Steve Sprake's quartet trailed from the off and failed to catch their opponents before losing 10-22.  Our other winning rink was by Geoff Dyer & his men who led from start to finish to finish with a credible 22-15 victory.
County Competitions Results
Our hopes of County glory ended this week with no wins to record  only defeats.
2-Wood Singles: Stephen Greenwood lost 12-15 to Mark Miller at Leigh Park
Pairs: Russell Durham & Simon Filippi lost at home to Peter Robinson also of Leigh Park 13-18
Triples: Robin Philbrick, Robbie Dennison & Steve Sprake were destroyed 6-23 by Louis Voysey at lovely Purbrook whilst Bob Weaver, Russell Durham & Simon Filippi had to scratch to hand Martin Ellis (Lee-on-the-Solent) a walk over
Fours: Unfortunately Simon Filippi's rink had to scratch from this competition too so Dave Harding (Vospers) was given a walk over as well.
Rearranged Division 2 Fixture
Unfortunately, a convenient date that suited both parties could not easily be met, so the postponed home match against Gosport has been re-scheduled for the end of season on Friday 12th August.
Posted Saturday 28/5/22
Team Selection
The team selected to play in the Division 2 match against Milton Park (home) on Monday 30th May starting at 6.00 pm is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
A Lord S Greenwood R Philbrick P Huntley  
C Lihou D Greeman J Bell  P Willoughby R Farman
R Durham A New P Whiffin P Willis R Wallbridge
S Filippi S Sprake R Dennison G Dyer  
Rowland Cup
The club has been drawn to play Milton Park at home in the next round of the Rowland Cup on Monday 6th June.  Unfortunately, Waverley have also been drawn at home on that night against Alexandra Blue.  As per P&D Competition Rule 14.3.3 Star have first dibs for playing at home on the 6th June as they were the "first out of the hat" whilst the Waverley v Alex Blue match should be re-arranged for another date before 2nd July.  However, Waverley have asked politely if we wouldn't mind re-arranging our match instead. In the interest of close harmony & friendship with our neighbours, I have asked Dave Brown, Milton Park Captain, if they are agreeable to a change of date for this fixture.  At the moment, I have had no definite reply rom Milton Park on this request so watch this space.
P&D Competition Draw
The draw for the P&D Competitions has been made.  The relevant web page has been updated to show those matches related to our players.
Posted Thursday 26/5/22
National Double Rinks Result
Bridgemary 40 Star & Crescent 26 Our involvement in this competition didn't last too long as we fell at the first fence at Bridgemary in a below par performance.  Robbie Dennison's rink started like an express train notching up a considerable lead before hitting the buffers and finishing with a disappointing loss of 15-16. Steve Sprake's foursome were always behind & couldn't make any headway against their opponents before losing 11-24.
Team Selection
Unfortunately, because of College Park's withdrawal from Combination Division 3 there is only one match this week and that is on Friday 27th May when we play a Division 2 match against Vospers away at Alexandra Park.
The team selected for this match which starts at 6.00 pm is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserve
D Boulter S Greenwood R Philbrick P Huntley  
C Lihou D Greeman J Bell  P Willoughby A Lord
R Durham A New P Whiffin P Willis T Portch
S Filippi S Sprake R Dennison G Dyer  
NOTE: Although Wednesday's night scheduled match against College Park has been cancelled, it is proposed that we should take the opportunity to have a friendly match between ourselves so we would like as many members as possible to participate and join Captain Peter on Wednesday night at the usual time of 6.00 pm.
Posted Monday 23/5/22
County Club
The club proceeded into the next round of the County Club last night when (un)fortunately a member of the Portsmouth Water team failed to turn up for the match. As the Watermen were unable to field a full complement of 16 players they had to concede the match and hand Star a walkover.  The the two sides however played out the game as a friendly. Just for the record, Star won 63-47 thanks to the rinks of Alan New & Steve Sprake winning 23-7 & 20-10 respectively.  It was also a good opportunity to blood our new recruits Paul Wright & Richie Farman into the team.
In the next round on Thursday 2nd June we have been drawn at home to play Milton Park.
Posted Friday 20/5/22
Division 2 Result
Milton Park 80 (12) Star & Crescent 60 (4) Star suffered their 2nd defeat of the season going down to Milton Park.  The team were struggling to stay in the match from the 10th end when they found themselves lagging by 19 shots. Although the rink points were shared, we were 2nd best on the night. It could have been a whitewash for the team but Simon Filippi's & Robbie Dennison's foursomes scored last gasp shots to win their rinks with their final woods of the night. In a tight match, Simon and his men took the lead from the halfway stage but had to hold on to secure a 17-14 win. Robbie was indebted to his front three in securing a 17-10 lead but the rink faltered in the closing stages and just got over the line 18-17.  Alan New's quartet were always playing catch-up with their opposite numbers but couldn't quite manage to overhaul them and before losing 17-22.  It's best not to dwell too long concerning Geoff Dyer's rink only to say it wasn't their night and they went down 8-27.
Postponed Division 2 Match
As there is a function at Waverley this Friday, it was thought prudent to postpone the match in the likelihood of any "distraction".  P&D BA have agreed to this proposal therefore the home match scheduled for Friday 20th May against Gosport is OFF.
County Club Team Selection
It has been a struggle (again) to get the necessary 16 players to play the County Club match against Portsmouth Water (home) on Thursday 19th May.  Nevertheless we have managed to select the following  team:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserve  
P Huntley J Bell R Farman S Greenwood    
T Nutland P Wright B Weaver D Greeman None  
 P Willoughby P Whiffin R Durham P Willis    
G Dyer R Dennison S Sprake A New  
A couple of notes for you: a) there will be no food provided after the match and b) if any player withdraws and we can't field 16 players than we will have to concede the match & we don't want that do we?
National Double Rinks Team Selection
The team to play Bridgemary (away) in this competition on Sunday 22nd May starting at 10.30 is:
Rink 1 Rink 2 Reserve
S Greenwood R Philbrick  
B Weaver P Willis P Huntley
R Durham A New  
S Sprake R Dennison  
County Competitions Results
4-Wood Singles: Simon Filippi lost to Steve Feilder (Alexandra) away 19-21.  Stephen Greenwood lost to Peter Cooper (Bridgemary) 15-21
Triples: Stephen Greenwood, John Bell & Alan New lost to Adrian Snook (Priory) 7-20.  Geoff Dyer, Robbie Dennison & Steve Sprake beat Bill Ross (Rowner) 20-8.  Bob Weaver, Russell Durham & Simon Filippi beat Neil Bunter (Forton) 20-11
Fours: Stephen Greenwood, Paul Huntley, John Bell & Alan New had to retire due to injury against Peter Robinson (Leigh Park) when 3-13
Posted Sunday 15/5/22
Combination Division 3 Result
Lee-on-the-Solent "C" 39 Star & Crescent 60.  Star got their first 12 pointer of the season when they outplayed Lee at their sunny but breezy home. Paul Whiffin and his “boys” got off to a blistering start and were leading 13 shots to 1 after 6 ends. Despite a modest recovery by their opponents they ran out worthy winners 24-14. It was a similar story with the Alan New combine who were 15-4 to the good on the 9th end. Although they only won another 3 ends they restricted Lee to no more than a single shot per end. Final score 18-13. It was virtually a case of “same again “ with the Bob Weaver rink. A good start and a steady performance saw them triumph by 18 shots to 12. Overall a very pleasing showing on, arguably, the best bowling green (for some) in the area . The only downside were the traffic problems some members had to  endure on their journey to Lee. Unfortunately that is the last Combination game until the 8th June when we entertain Bedhampton at the Waverley.
Posted Friday 13/5/22
College Park Red

The College Park Secretary has informed P&D BA that College have had no option but to withdraw their Red Side from Combination Division 3 due to a lack of players who wish to play in the evenings - another hang over from Covid. As such, they have been deleted from the table. This withdrawal will hit our combination team hard with the consequence that after this week's match at Lee-on-the-Solent the team will not then have another game until Wednesday 8th June when we play Bedhampton (home).

Posted Sunday 8/5/22
Combination Division 3 Result
Star & Crescent B 52 Cosham Park 43 The Combination team got their first win of the season on Wednesday evening when they overcame a resolute Cosham Park side at the Waverley by 52 shots to 43. Pride of place must go to the rink skipped by Robin Philbrick who were leading all game and triumphed by 26 shots to 10. The Bob Weaver four started slowly (!) and it wasn’t until the 15th end that they managed to get their noses in front. Despite losing the last 3 ends victory was achieved by a couple of shots 16-14. By contrast Paul Whiffin and his men struggled and although briefly taking the lead on the 14th end failed to trouble the scorers again and lost by 19 shots to 10. In mitigation unavailability and health issues impacted on team selection so gaining a win and 10 points was a more than decent performance.
Division 2 Result
Star & Crescent 101 Naismith 57 1/4 It was also a first win of the season for the A team who ramped up a century of shots and scoring 14 points to the bargain. The catalyst for the victory was the rink of Robin Philbrick, John Bell, Paul Whiffin & Robbie Dennison who were in top form as their winning score of 38-6 1/4 would indicate. It was a game of 3-thirds for Simon Filippi's four who raced into a 14-3 lead then found themselves pegged back to 14-14 before recovering to win 27-15. It was nip & tuck on Geoff Dyer's rink but they proved the stronger of the two sides and came from behind to win 20-17. Steve Sprake's quartet had a "modest" start to their match & found themselves 15-2 down at the half-way stage but an excellent second half performance saw them reduce the deficit to lose by just 16-19. 
College Park Red
I have just been notified that College Park Red have withdrawn immediately from Combination Division 3. Unfortunately, this will obviously effect the combination team's fixtures.
Teams Selection for next Week
For various reasons we are again down to the bones in terms of player availability.  Nevertheless, with a bit of "arm bending" & general persuasion the following teams have been selected:
Combination Division 3 match against Lee-on-the Solent "C" (away) on Wednesday 11th May starting at 6.00 pm:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Reserve
P Huntley S Greenwood D Boulter
T Portch P Willoughby D Greeman J Bell
 R Dennison S Filippi P Willis
P Whiffin A New B Weaver  
Arrangements are in hand to ensure that all players have transport to the match.
Division 2 match against Milton Park (away) on Friday 13th May starting at 6.00 pm:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserve
R Philbrick D Boulter P Huntley S Greenwood  
J Bell B Weaver G Davies D Greeman T Portch
 P Whiffin R Durham P Willoughby P Willis
R Dennison S Filippi G Dyer A New  
Just to make all players aware, there are two new resident parking zones introduced around Milton Park which makes parking for the match that much more difficult. I will forward an email with details of these restrictions (with map) later this week.
County Competitions Results
4-Wood Singles: Bob Weaver lost to Craig Ferrigan (Southsea Waverley) 8-21
2-Wood Singles: Simon Filippi lost to Neil Bunter at Forton 15-20
Pairs: Paul Willoughby & Geoff Dyer lost to Russell Durham & Simon Filippi 5-21 & Robbie Dennison & Steve Sprake lost to John Biggs & Gary Starks (Southsea Waverley) 14-20
Triples: Stephen Greenwood, John Bell & Alan New were given a walkover by Mike Wilkes (Crofton). Geoff Dyer, Robbie Dennison & Steve Sprake beat Terry Smith (Vospers) 15-10
Posted Saturday 7/5/22
Division 2 Result
Portsmouth Water 72 (15) Star & Crescent 64 1/2 (1) Our resources were stretch to the limit for this match but unfortunately just failed short in putting out a full team; playing a man short. Although the result says otherwise, the team put up a credible performance and were a shade unlucky to come away with just a single rink win. In fact up to the 18th end we had our noses in front but a bad finish ended our hopes of victory. Bob Weaver's quartet did very well to pull back from being 4-13 down at the half way stage to pull level only to lose the momentum on the closing stages finishing at 15-25.  Simon Filippi was the rink with a man down and led all the way on the scorecard (22-17) but had had to suffer the consequence of losing 25% of their score which resulted in a cruel defeat of 1/2 shot ie 16 1/2-17.  Many thanks to Gareth Davies who came out of retirement to help us in this match. There was never much between the two sides in Geoff Dyer's match who were all square at the 19th but sadly it was the home team who won the last 2-ends to snatch the points with a score line 18-15.  After the 6th end, Robbie Dennison's rink took control (sort of!) of their match to win 18-12 and secure the rink points.
Team Selections
Combination Division 3 match against Cosham Park (home) on Wednesday 4th May starting at 6.00 pm:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Reserve
T Portch P Huntley D Boulter
T Nutland D Greeman J Bell S Filippi
 R Dennison S Greenwood P Willis
R Philbrick P Whiffin B Weaver  
Just to inform you that there is a wake (not ours yet) at the Waverley on this day. There will still be refreshments in the form of a light buffet which will be accommodated  in the snooker room.
Division 2 match against Naismith (home) on Friday 6th May starting at 6.00 pm:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserve
S Greenwood R Philbrick D Boulter P Huntley  
D Greeman J Bell B Weaver C Lihou T Portch
 A New P Whiffin R Durham P Willoughby
S Sprake R Dennison S Filippi G Dyer  
Posted Saturday 30/4/22
Combination Division 3 Result
Star & Crescent B 47 (1) Milton Park B 52 (11) Star started their season with a disappointing defeat at home to Milton Park last evening. In a closely fought game there were never more than a few shots between the teams. The Geoff Dyer four gained a creditable point when they picked up a shot on the last end to draw 20-20. By way of contrast the Bob Weaver skipped rink gave away 4 shots on the 19th end and despite winning the last 2 ends failed to catch their opponents before going down by 1 shot 14-15. Paul Whiffin also had a very close match which could have gone either way until the last end which saw the home team on the wrong side of a 13-17 score line. Overall, a decent performance which offers encouragement for the matches to come. Any negative thoughts after the game were soon forgotten when the teams enjoyed a post match sausage and chips repast in the clubhouse!
Posted Thursday 28/4/22
League Match v Portsmouth Water
Thanks to the efforts of Simon Filippi we have now got a full team for Friday.  Simon has persuaded one of our old players, Gareth Davies, to turn out for us on a one match basis (so he says). Registration of Gareth has been forwarded to P&D HQ for permission to play on Friday which has now been granted.
Therefore the team selected (!) for the Division 2 match against Portsmouth Water (Away) on Friday 29th April starting at 6.00 pm is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4 Reserves
D Boulter S Greenwood P Huntley T Portch  
G Davies T Nutland M Ward J Bell  
 R Durham P Whiffin P Willoughby P Willis
S Filippi R Dennison G Dyer B Weaver  
Rowland Cup
In the 1st Round of the Competition scheduled for Monday 23rd May, Star have been given a bye.
Posted Monday 25/4/44
Team Selection
The first league game of the season kicks off with a Combination 3 match against Milton Park "B" (Home) on Wednesday 27th April starting at 6.00 pm. The team selected is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Reserves
T Portch P Huntley D Boulter S Greenwood
T Nutland D Greeman J Bell R Dennison
 P Willoughby R Philbrick P Willis
G Dyer P Whiffin B Weaver  
League Match v Portsmouth Water
Unfortunately, at the moment despite registering 25 players this season for league bowls, we are unable to select a full team for Friday's away Division 2 League match (29th April) against Portsmouth Water. We are currently one player short so if anybody who previously said they were unavailable are now able to play than please let me know ASAP or else we will be playing the match one player short which would be a terrible start to the season.
Posted Sunday 24/4/22
Friendly v Waverley Result
Our first match of the season was played on Wednesday when Waverley were our opponents in a 4 rink encounter.  This game gave the opportunity to blood new members Martin Ward & Derek Greeman and also to welcome Paul Huntley back to bowls after a lengthy absence through ill-health. Star did very well winning on 3-rinks but lost the match overall by a few shots 57-62.
National Competitions
The National Men's Club  Two Fours competition against Bridgemary (Away) has been arranged for Sunday 22nd May starting at 10.30.
College Park
Unfortunately, College Park have dropped out of the P&D league however they will be still fielding teams in the combination & mid-week triples leagues.
Posted Friday 22/4/22
Friendly v Waverley
The bowls season gets underway in earnest this Wednesday (20th April) with a friendly match against our neighbours Waverley.  The team selected for this match, though it could be changed on the day, is:

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3 Rink 4
R Philbrick T Portch

S Greenwood

P Huntley

Starting time for the match is 6.00 pm but we will try to
M Ward B Weaver D Greeman T Nutland start the match earlier at 5.45 pm if everybody is present.

P Willis

R Durham C Lihou  
R Dennison S Filippi

S Sprake

P Whiffin Dress code: Club shirts with grey trousers.
Posted Saturday 16/4/22
National Competitions
In the 1st round of the National Men's Club Two Fours competition, the club has been drawn away against Bridgemary.  Tie to be played by Sunday 29th May.
Opening of the Green
Just a reminder to you all that the green opens this Sunday at 10.00. Hope to see many of you there for your first taste of lawn bowls of 2022
Posted Monday 4/4/22
Bowls Hampshire Competitions
The draws for the County Competitions have been made.  The relevant web page has been updated to show those matches related to our players.
County Club Competition
Star & Crescent have been drawn at home against Portsmouth Water in the 1st round of the County Club. Tie to be played on Thursday 19th May.
Posted Monday 28/03/22
New Members
Things are looking up on the membership front as we welcome two more new members to the club, Richie Farman & Paul Wright. We sincerely hope they enjoy their time and bowls whilst at Star & Crescent.
P&D Competitions

P&D competition entry forms are available now with a closing date of 1st May. Cost per competition is £1.50/per player. All competitions & formats are back to pre-Covid days. Please let me know if you wish to enter.

Posted Saturday 26/03/22
Half Yearly Meeting
The Star & Crescent Half Yearly meeting is scheduled for Thursday 24th March at the Waverley Club starting at 19.15. This meeting is predominantly for members to submit their registration fees for the forthcoming season which have to be paid by 1st April. I'm sure we can persuade our President & Captain Alan to buy the 1st round of drinks again!
Waverley Fees 2022

To ease the disappointment of Waverley's decision not to fulfill the promise they made in 2020 for half price season tickets this year, your committee has agreed that those members who, in good faith, paid the full Waverley fees in 2020 will be subsidised to the tune of £20.00/per member towards the cost of their 2022 Waverley fees.  The full fees will be the same as pre-Covid times ie £90.00 for members under 65 years of age and £80.00 for the more senior members aged over 65. Please note that this offer does not apply to those members who only paid the £15.00 Social Membership fees in 2020.

To try  to attract new members to the club, the committee has also decided to offer the incentive of half price fees (for 1 year only) to new members who sign for the club.
New Member
Thanks to Simon Filippi's recruitment centre, we welcome a new member, Derek Greeman, to the club.  We hope he enjoys his time and bowling whilst at the club.
Waverley's Smoking Policy

Waverley smoking policy has changed and is now "NO Smoking on the Green (including E-Cigarettes)"

Posted Saturday 26/02/22
P&D Leagues 2022 - Division 2

As agreed at the P&D 2022 AGM, League Divisions 2 & 3 fixtures have been redrawn so that teams now only play each other 3 times rather than the 4 times previously annotated in the draft proposals.   Our website has been updated to show these changes.

Club Matters
The green will open on Sunday 10th April.
A pre-season friendly has been arranged against a Waverley select team for Wednesday 20th April.  Also, there is a possibility to provide rinks with Waverley to play Gosport (home).  Date to be decided.
Posted Sunday 10 /01/22
P&D Leagues 2022
The draft League & Combination fixtures for season 2022 have been issued.  A major surprise is that in Division 2 all the teams will be playing each other 4 times rather than 3 meaning there will be 20-games for each team in this division.  This could be a real struggle with our limited resources to field a full team each week throughout the season. 
As it stands, the "A" team will start off the season on Friday 29th April with an away match at Portsmouth Water.  The team's first home match will be against Naismith on 6th May.
The combination side will play 14 matches starting with home matches on 27th April & 4th May against Milton Park B and Cosham Park respectively before their first away match at Lee-on-the-Solent C.
The draft league fixtures for next season are shown on the relevant pages on this website
Bowls Hampshire Competitions
This is your last chance to enter the 2022 County competitions as I will be submitting them at the weekend to Bowls Hampshire.  If you decide you want to enter any of the competitions please let me know ASAP.
Posted Thursday 6/1/22
P&D Leagues

Rebalancing League Divisions for the 2023 Season  

After the decision at the SGM to run 2022 with divisions of 9, 6 & 6, the P&D Competition Committee met afterwards and agreed to rebalance to 3 Divisions of 7 teams for the 2023 Season.
This will be achieved as follows at the end of the 2022 Season:
Promotion: Only winners of divisions 2 & 3 will be promoted.
ii).     Relegation: Bottom 3 from division 1 & bottom 2 from division 2.

Rebalancing League Divisions if Less than 21 Sides are Entered

The SGM voted that if we get to the position of having less than 21 sides, then the league was to be run with 2 divisions. In order to achieve this, the Competition Committee further decided the following:


· Post 2023 Season
i).      The side who finishes bottom of division 1 in the season just ended will be relegated to division 2.
ii).     The top 4 sides from division 2 will be promoted to the new division 1.
iii).    Division 2 will then consist of: the relegated division 1 side, the remaining division 2 sides & all division 3 sides.


· Post 2022 Season
i).      The side who finishes bottom of division 1 will be relegated to division 2
ii).     Only the top 2 sides from division 2 will be promoted to the new division 1.


2022 Combination League Divisions

As only 32 sides have been entered by the Clubs for 2022, then the Competition Committee also agreed that the combination league would consist of 4 divisions of 8 Sides. This has been achieved as follows:
Only the 2019 divisional winners have been promoted (shown in upper case below)
  Further sides have been relegated (shown in italics below), based on the final 2019 tables, as follows:
i).      Division 1 - bottom 3
ii).     Division 2 - bottom 4  
iii).    Division 3 - bottom 4


All of which means that the sides in the 2022 divisions are as follows:


Combination 1

Combination 2

Combination 3

Combination 4

Priory Black

Waterlooville Green

Milton Park B

Pembroke Gdns B

Fareham C


Waverley Red

Milton Park C

Cowplain Red

Priory Silver


Gas Social

Alexandra Blue

Hayling Island

Lee on Solent C


Waverley Blue

Waterlooville Brown

Cosham Park

Portsmouth Water

Lee on Solent B

Purbrook Maroon

Gosport B


Waterlooville Gold

Alexandra Red

Star & Crescent B

Fareham B





Posted Tuesday 4/1/22
Committee 2021/22
Consequent of Geoff Dyer standing down as "A" Team Captain, Alan New was elected at the AGM to undertake this role for 2021/22. 
Confirmation of the full committee is thus:
President: Alan New,
Immediate Past President: Stephen Greenwood
Hon Secretary: Robbie Dennison
Hon Treasurer: Derek Boulter
"A" Team Captain: Alan New
"B" Team Captain:   Peter Willis
Selection Committee 3rd Member: Robbie Dennison
Club Competition Secretary: Simon Filippi
Bowls Hampshire / P&D Rep: Simon Filippi 
Waverley Fees 2022
With regard to the fees due for next season, the Southsea Waverley Bowling Club committee have unfortunately decided  that they are unable to fulfill the promise they made in 2020 and have withdrawn the offer of half price season tickets for 2022.  The fees will be the same as for pre-Covid times ie £90.00 for under 65s & £80.00 for the older brigade of over 65.  I know this will invoke anger & disappointment with you, and I share your sentiments, but unfortunately we are in no position but to accept Waverley's decision.
P&D Leagues 2022

Only 21 clubs have indicated they would be running a league side for the 2022 season after Crofton, Hayling Island & Emsworth dropped theirs. This means that, based on the promotion & relegation after the completion of the 2019 season, the clubs that make up each division are, currently, as follows: Division 1 - 9 sides, Division 2 - 6 sides & Division 3 -6 sides. This imbalance of numbers was addressed at a SGM on 9 December so that each Division has the same number of sides (7).


Three options were proposed:

1). Rebalance immediately so that the 2022 League would consist of 3 Divisions of 7 sides.

2). Run 2022 with Div. 1 having 8 Sides; Div. 2 with 7 Sides; Div. 3 with 6 sides

3). Run 2022 with the Divisions made up of 9, 6 & 6 sides, rebalancing would take place over three years.

Option 3 was overwhelming voted for.

This means that Star & Crescent will be in Division 2 next season with the following teams: Vospers, Portsmouth Water, Gosport, Milton Park  & Naismith with each team playing each other 3 times.
Running the League with less than 21 sides was also discussed & voted on. It was decided that should this happened, the league would run with 2 divisions.
Bowls Hampshire Competitions.
The entrance fees for competition will remain unchanged as for 2021 ie £4.00 per player per competition.
Posted Saturday 18/12/21
Annual General Meeting
The club's Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday 25th November at the Waverley BC starting at 7.00 pm. It is hoped to see as many members there as possible.  I will be e-mailing the relevant paperwork for the AGM to you all a bit nearer to the date.
Election of Officers
Disappointingly that  once again there are no nominees for any posts declared.  The good news however, is that your present committee are willing to stand again in their current post (if selected) but the bad news is that Geoff Dyer is standing down as "A" Team captain after a 3-year tour of duty.
P&D Leagues 2022 Survey Results
I received 13 replies to my questionnaire re P&D Bowls leagues format for the forthcoming season. The replies have been collated and were consequently discussed at our latest committee meeting with the following conclusions:

Question 1: Whilst most members would prefer to play 4-rinks, it is thought that as a small club with a small membership it could cause problems with team selection throughout the season.  Therefore the consensus of opinion to question 1 is that S&C would say NO to playing 4-rink matches.

Question 2: Playing 3-rinks is the preferred choice of the membership because it would be more manageable  with less problems on team selection and also that we could put out stronger teams (on paper). So, the results to question 2 is YES the club would prefer to play 3-rink league matches

Question 3: The replies for this question was 7-6 in favour of 21 ends to be played.  Some members pointed out that 21-end matches played on artificial surfaces take much longer and sometimes it is difficult to complete these games in good light. The answer to question 3 is that the club does  not mind playing 18 or 21 ends.

These views have been passed onto the P&D committee for their deliberation in assessing the league format for the 2022 season.
Posted Saturday 17/10/21
Bowls England National Championship Formats 2022
Following an analysis of the survey results and feedback from counties, Bowls England will be running all the National Championships using the following format
  • Singles (including Junior Singles) – 21 up
  • Pairs (including Junior Pairs) – Four bowls 18 ends
  • Triples – Three bowls 18 ends
  • Fours (including Senior Fours) – Two bowls 18 ends
  • Two-bowl singles – Two bowls 21 ends
Bowls Hampshire County Competitions 2022

As the 2021 season closes the build-up to 2022 season has started and as such the County competition entry forms are now available. The closing date for entries is 31st January 2022. Unfortunately, Bowls England (BE) haven't been forthcoming on if they are changing entry fees for 2022, so at the moment the entry fee has been set as last year i.e.£4.00 per person per entry. When BE get round to making their minds up then Bowls Hampshire will let us know. Also, be aware that the playing formats for 2022 are in line with the above BE formats

P&D Leagues - 2022
It has been a disappointing response from our members regarding the questionnaire  in my email dated 10th September with only less than half of the members bothering to reply and relay their thoughts regarding the 2022 P&D leagues. Thank you to those who have replied and for those that haven't there is still time to let me know your views.
Posted Wednesday 22/09/21
P&D Leagues - 2022
The P&D League Secretaries have forwarded their plans for the 2022 Season which basically is to return to the way the League, Combination and Midweek Divisions were run in 2019, i.e.: League - 4 rinks of 4 bowlers playing over 21 ends, Combination - 3 rinks of 4 bowlers playing over 21 ends & Mid-Week Triples - 3 rinks of 3 bowlers playing over 18 ends The League & Combination Divisions will NOT be regionalised (i.e., teams will be travelling to clubs in Portsmouth, Havant & Waterlooville and Gosport & Fareham). The teams in each division will be the same as those sent out in 2020 before bowls was cancelled due to the pandemic.

However, the P&D are aware that after the last two years, clubs may have problems in meeting these formats. Consequently, they need input from each club on their thoughts. So the questions that I'm asking you, the members, are : 1) Do you think that the club will be able to run a League team of 4 Rinks of 4 Bowlers?, 2) Do you think that the club will be able to run a League team of 3 Rinks of 4 Bowlers? and 3) In League & Combination games would you prefer playing 18 or 21 Ends? I would be very grateful if you can reply to those questions ASAP.

To be able to plan for 2022 the P&D require replies from each club by the end of October 2021, so that the responses can be put before the clubs when the next P&D Executive Meeting is held.

Closing of the Green
The green will be closing on Sunday 26th September.
Election of Officers for 2021/22
For what's it worth, I have posted on the board in the clubhouse a notice for the election of officers for 2021/22  If you wish to sit on the committee for that period please add your name to the list or am I wasting my time (again) with no takers.
Posted Saturday 11/09/21




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